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Challenge # 7

Challenge 7

I want you to use Season 6 Episode 118 Entropy, Use the scene where Tara and Will come back together.

Entries are due no later than Thursday.

+1 Icon
+1 Header

You are allowed to submit both a header and an Icon

(please submit headers)
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Spring Break.

Since this is my Spring break, I wont be on the computer as much and wont have time to make the polls and banners. So this competion will be extended until 2-APRIL-2005, sorry about that. That means you can still enter your Headers, Banners, and Icons... So enter away!!!!!

Also I would like to give a


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New Challenge/Information

Challenge number five went well, congratulations to all the winners.

Something has come to my attention... It really frustrates me because this is a community that is based on voting for the icon you think is best, not the one your friend made. Which brings me to a few new rules.

1.) DO NOT! Show your graphic you make for this competition until the competition is done and over, doing so will disqualify/ban you from the community.

2.) DO NOT! Tell anybody which number graphic is yours on the voting list, doing so will disqualify/ban you from the community.

3.) Newcomers, if you come during voting you are not allowed to vote for that competition, the next one you will be allowed to vote in.

With that all out of the way I'm going to keep a closeer eye on the voting.

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