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Willows Challenge

You name it, We challenge it

Willow's Challenge
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I was born to Ira and Sheila Rosenberg; I am the only Jewish member of the Scooby Gang. I don’t appear to have the most superb family life; my parents are out of touch with me my whole life, and my mother once tried to burn me at the stake. I have been friends with Xander since childhood (when we were five, we "dated" briefly until Xander stole my Barbie doll), and I quickly became best friends with Buffy when she came to town. I am extremely intelligent, a whiz on computers, and an excellent student who is known for my tutoring abilities. I have helped Buffy and Giles numerous times by hacking into various records and databases, and I even taught Jenny Calendar's computer class after Jenny was killed by Angelus. I long had "more than friends" feelings toward Xander, and after years of ignoring me, Xander finally seemed to return those feelings while we were both dating other people. When Oz and Cordelia found out about their indiscretion, they ended it, but Oz and I were able to save our relationship, unlike Xander and Cordelia. I later lost my own virginity to Oz. I had a hard time when Oz left Sunnydale, but found love with a fellow Wiccan Tara, who in the end I chose over Oz. I got increasingly powerful and skilled with magic throughout my many years of training, and I was able to hurt and immobilize Glory and restore Tara's sanity (Glory had fed off Tara's mind). In later yeas, I continued to further my use of magic, and Tara and I argued about whether I was overusing the magicks. After Tara found out that I had done a spell to make Tara forget our fight, the couple broke up. This, combined with an accident I caused while on a magic high, nearly killing Dawn, provided the catalyst for my giving up magic entirely. A few months later, we got back together, but very shortly thereafter, Tara was tragically shot and killed by Warren. This enraged me, and I used dark magicks to make myself extremely powerful, even absorbing the power of the visiting Giles. I killed Warren, then, overwhelmed, and decided to end the world. After fighting off Buffy, it was Xander who got through to me. I went to England for the summer with Giles, who, along with a coven of witches, trained me so that I could control and use properly the magic within me. After I returned I was still shaky on using the magicks my eyes would still turn that hateful black color and I was afraid to do anything. The potentials soon came and I fell in love with the brat queen Kennedy. In the end it was me having to use the magicks to make the potentials slayers, I had overcome my darkness.

1. Every week we will have a new challenge or challenges.
2. All types of Icons are welcomed!
3. One entry per challenge per person!
4. Do not steal someone else's icon from the past.
5. Don't vote for yourself.
6. Only use the screen caps that are given out, unless told other wise.
7. No cheating during the voting process.
8. We're not just based on Icons, you can also do friends only banners!
9. DO NOT! Show your graphic entry to anybody!
10. DO NOT! tell anybody the number of your entry on the voting poll.
11. If you join the community during a voting round, you may not vote in that competion.


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